SNPD 2022-Summer Special Sessions

Special Session 1: Organization of Innovative Computer System for Large-scale and Flexible Computing

Parallel and distributed computing are now becoming popular techniques for processing large-scale data set. This special session aims at exploring innovative computer system designs suitable for such advanced computing. The session covers a wide range of research fields from hardware to software and focuses on the following aspects of the system: performance, scalability, flexibility, availability, fault-tolerance, and security.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Parallel and Distributed Computer Architectures

– Parallel and Distributed Storage Systems

– Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

– Parallel and Distributed I/O Systems

– Network Architectures for Parallel and Distributed Computing

– Network and Distributed Systems Security

– Network and Distributed Systems Operation Technology

– Reconfigurable Systems

– Fault-Tolerant Systems

– Architectural Support for Machine Learning

Session Organizer:

Atsushi Nunome, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan (

Special Session 2: Analysis, Evaluation, and Usage of Web Information, System Behaviors, and Human Actions


Advance of information and communication technologies has been brought tremendous benefits to us. Various kinds of information are available on the Web and the amount of data is growing very rapidly. It becomes very difficult to manage such data for computer systems and human beings. This special session focuses on information, systems, and humans on the web. It aims to clarify the relations and interactions among them through analysis and evaluation, and to find better system behaviors and human actions for increasing the benefits of web information.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Internet Applications & Performances

– Information Retrieval and Recommendation

– Multimedia Data Analysis and Processing

– Affective Computing

– Positive Computing

– Emotional and Facial Expressions

– Database and Data Warehousing Systems

– Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

– Knowledge Management and Decision Making

– Human Computer Interaction

– Cloud Computing

– Big Data Management and Analysis

– High Performance Computing

– Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

– E-Commerce, E-Government, and E-Learning

– Information Security, Integrity, and Reliability

– Systems and Software Engineering

Special Session Organizers:

Teruhisa Hochin, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan, Email:
Ushio Inoue, Tokyo Denki University, Japan, Email:
Hiroki Nomiya, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan, Email:
Yuya Yokoyama, Kyoto Prefectural University, Japan, Email:

Special Session 3: Wellbeing and Affective Engineering


Advances of information and communication technologies have brought tremendous benefits to us. These benefits include improvement of the way of life. Information and communication technologies may help us to live more comfortably and more happily. Affective engineering, which is the engineering using affective information, may bring the state of wellbeing to human beings.

This special session treats all aspects on wellbeing and affective engineering, which include clarifying the principle of wellbeing induced by affective engineering, realizing wellbeing state, clarifying the effect of wellbeing, and broadening the applications of wellbeing.

This special session encourages participants to discuss about their research results, to exchange ideas, and to promote researches on wellbeing and affective engineering.

Special Session Organizers: 

Teruhisa Hochin, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan, Email:

Akihiro Ogino, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan, Email:

Makoto Fukumoto, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan, Email:

Yuichiro Kinoshita, University of Yamanashi, Japan, Email: