EAIM Special Sessions

Special Session 1: Generative AI


Generative AI (GenAI) is the part of Artificial Intelligence that can generate all kinds of data, including audio, code, images, text, simulations, 3D objects, videos, and so forth. It takes inspiration from existing data, but also generates new and unexpected outputs, breaking new ground in the world of product design, art, and many more. Much of it, thanks to recent breakthroughs in the field like (Chat)GPT and Midjourney.

Special Session Organizer:

JongBae Kim, Soongsil University, Korea, Email: kjb123@ssu.ac.kr


Dr. Phannhuquynh, Hochimin National University

Dr. Trung, Danang National University

Dr. Seul Kim, Korea Bigdata Society

Dr. JongWoo Park, Soongsil University

Dr. Sunghwa Han, Dongsuh University

Dr.  Sungtaek Lee, Yongin University

Dr. Hooki Lee, Kyunyang University