SE-ICBM Accepted Papers

PaperID Title Authors
01 Fault Localization with Data Flow Information and an Artificial Neural Network Jun-Hyuk Jo, Jihyun Lee,
Aman Jaffari and Eunmi Kim
02 Variability Modeling in Software Product Line:
A Systematic Literature Review
Aman Jaffari, Jihyun Lee,
and Eunmi Kim
03 The Use of Big Data Analytics to Improve The Supply Chain Performance in Logistics Industry Lai Yin Xiang, Ha Jin Hwang, Haeng Kon Kim, and Monowar Mahmood
04 A Mobile Game Algorithm for Programming Education Sun Myung Hwang, Hee Gyun Yeom
05 Development of Smart U-health care Systems Symphorien Karl Yoki Donzia, Haeng Kon Kim
06 Development of U-health care Systems Using
Big Data
Symphorien Karl Yoki Donzia,      Yong Pil Guem and Haeng Kon Kim
07 An Implementation of a System for Video Translation Using OCR Sun Myung Hwang, Hee Gyun Yeom
08 Research for Automatic Generation of 2D Design Drawings
of Firefighting Equipment using AI Region Classification
Hwa-Kyu Lee, Jun Hee Choi, and Hyun-Sug Cho
09 Research on Predicting Ignition Factors Through Fire Big Data Analysis Jun-hee Choi, Hyun Sug Cho
10 Study on Agent Architecture for Context-Aware Services Symphorien Karl Yoki Donzia,        Ha Jin Hwang, Haeng Kon Kim
11 Analyses on Psychological Steady State Variations Caused by Auditory Stimulation Jeong Hoon Shin
12 Health Informatics: A Telehealth User- Friendly Design Monitoring Approach Haeng Kon Kim
13 Big Data Management System for U-healthcare Ha Jin Hwang
Haeng Kon Kim
14 A Design of Secure E-health Data Management System Haeng Kon Kim
15 Flipped Learning and Unplugged Activities for Algorithm class Jeong Ah Kim
16 Integrated Environment for Software Product Line Jeong Ah Kim
17 Comparative Study on Uses and Gratifications of Social Media in Malaysia Using Niche Theory Ha Jin Hwang, Haeng Kon Kim, and Norazryana Mat Dawi
18 Secure Transactions Management Using Blockchain as a Service Software for the Internet of Things Prince Waqas Khan,
Yung-Cheol Byun
19 Analyzing the Performance of User-Generated Contents in B2B Firms Based on Big Data and Machine Learning Zeinab Shahbazi,
Yung-Cheol Byun
20 Blockchain and Machine Learning for Iden-tifying Fraudulent Activities during Loan Transactions in the Banking Sector Debapriya Hazra,
Yung-Cheol Byun
21 Plant Growth Measurement System using Image Processing Meonghun Lee, Haeng Kon Kim,
and Hyun Yoe
22 Precision watering system design according to the soil condition of crops Seungjae Kim, Meonghun Lee,
Haeng Kon Kim, and Hyun Yoe
23 Smart barn Monitoring System in LoRa Network Meonghun Lee, Haeng Kon Kim,
and Hyun Yoe
24  A study of optimized EEG signal induction/extraction techniques for basic motion control of personal robots for physically impaired users Jeong Hoon Shin
25 Service Against Abnormal Sisuation of Devices for Greenhouse based on Clou Computing Meonghun Lee, Hyun Yoe
26 The Prediction of COVID-19 using deep learning algorithms Myeong Hwa Kim
27 The effective image detection in geenrative Adversarial networks Myeong Hwa Kim
28 The empirical research of preview product Image in e-commerce Lim Eun Taek
29 The technology adoption in smart health care service Lim Eun Taek
30 Implementation of cloud monitoring system based on open source Eun-Jung Jo
31 Evaluation on technology innovation efficiency in high-tech industry Eun-Jung Jo
32    Lifelong education of New Normal 2.0 according to AI and EduTech industry trends and untact trend spread Choengjae Lee
33 A Study on the Prospect of Education and Edutech Trend in Intelligent Information Society Choengjae Lee
34 A study on the optimal use of CSP(Cloud Service Provider) Sung Woong Seo
35 The comparision study between public and private cloud Sung Woong Seo