DSDT 2020 Accepted Papers

PaperID Title Authors
1 A study on the intention to use Korean telemedicine: Focusing on the extended UTAUT model.  Ha Rim Byun,
Jong Woo Park
2 Structural relationship between environmental uncertainty, dynamic capacity and business performance in Smart supply chain Yong Muk Kim,
Jong Woo Park
3 Analysis of the relative importance of coaching programs Jin Young Yang,
Hyo Boon Wang,
Dong Hyuk Jo
4 Determinants of continuance intention in Technology-Based Self-Service Seul Ki Lee,
Dong Hyuk Jo
5 Text Automation for value creation in document security Sae yong Oh
6 Speech recognition of korean language using deep learning Hyun jae Rhu
7 Union Filesystem Protect Techniques Sung Hwa Han
8 A Study on the Firm Life Cycle Forecasting Model Using Machine Learning Based on News Articles Si young Lee
9 The improvement of text mining techniques in blockchain platform Sae yong Oh
10 Comaprtive analysis of continuous speech recognition in cloud based open API Hyun jae Rhu
11 Anti-virus techniques for contanier file access Sung Hwa Han
12 Model of Economic trend Using Machine Learning Based on pop music Si young Lee
13 3D Sign with CCTV using the 3D Printing  Jung-kyu Moon,  Dea-woo Park
14 Science Investigation Training for Digital
Forensic Investigation
 Sang-hyeon Lee,  Dea-woo Park
15 3D Printing Functional Material
using AI Based Food Function Information Analysis
Hyun-ju Yoo, Dea-woo Park
16 Design of Semi-automatic ICT Supervision System using 5G Mobile Communication Hyeong-do Im, Dea-woo Park
17 Telemedicine AI App for Prediction of Pets Joint Diseases Su-yeon Han, Dea-woo Park
18 IoT-Connected Scientific Microscope Design for Water Larva Removal Jae-kook Yoon, Dea-woo Park
19 Design of Artificial Intelligence for Smart Risk Pre-Review System at the KC EMC Young-joo Oh, Dea-woo Park
20 AI Analysis of Illegal Parking Data at Seocho City Office Dong-hyun Lim, Dea-woo Park
21 Regularized Categorical Embedding for Effective Demand Forecasting of Bike Sharing System Sangho Ahn, Hansol Ko, Juyoung Kang
22 Rental Demand Forecasting for Bike Sharing System using Satellite Imagery Sehyeong Kim, Jaehyeong Park, Sangho Ahn, Juyoung Kang
23 Development of a model for predicting demand for bilingual teachers in elementary schools to support multicultural families – Based on NEIS data Jin-Myung Choi, Doo-Yeon Kim
24 A Study on NEIS Service Intelligence Method for Reducing Teachers’ Work Jin-Myung Choi, Doo-Yeon Kim
25 Research on implementation of user authentication based on gesture recognition of human Jungseon Oh, Joongyoung Choi, Kwansik Moon, Kyoungho Lee
26 Develop a business model for technology-intensive companies Chulhwan Kwon,
Yong Muk Kim
27 Frequency acquisition method for measuring
strain of vibration wire sensor
Sung-Kwang Kim, Young-Hwan Im
28 Accuracy evaluation of NRTK at close range using ZED-F9P and NTRIP Sung-Kwang Kim, Young-Hwan Im
29 Cloud Computing Transformation : Considering Operational Efficiency Jung Ji Young, Yong-tai Shin
30 Https blocking and issue of internet censorship Jung Ji Young, Yong-tai Shin
31 A Study on Improvement of Deep Learning Performance for Similarity Based Image Analysis SANG-KWON YUN, Hye-Joeng Kwon, Jong-Bae Kim
32 Suggestions for Defense Cloud Strategy
and Development Plan
SANG-KWON YUN, Hye-Joeng Kwon, Jong-Bae Kim
33 The Effect of Experience Value of Smart TV Customers on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Park Min Young,
Ha Rim Byun
34 Design and Implementation of IoTPlatForm Education System Based on Open Source Hardware Sun-O Choi, Jong-Bae Kim