Preparation for Program Chairs

Virtual Conference Instructions

  1. The program chair must set up the virtual conference using a video meeting service such a ZOOM or If your university does not provide a video meeting service, ACIS can provide a licensed copy of Zoom.


  1. When using zoom, go to to schedule the meeting. You need to schedule a separate Zoom meeting for the opening ceremony/Keynote Speakers and a separate Zoom meeting for each session.


  1. After you schedule the date and time for the meeting, you will receive a link for the meeting, the Meeting ID number and the Passcode.


  1. This information needs to be posted on the conference program that will be uploaded to the conference website. (Click here for sample)


  1. The Zoom meeting information also needs to be sent out to each registered participant and the Keynote speakers. This information should be sent out no latter then one week before the conference.


  1. Program Chairs can either host the virtual meeting at their homes or university, and please let ACIS know your location.