ACIT 2022 Special Sessions/Workshops

Special Session 1: Theory and Applications of Advanced and Intelligent Software

Topic Description

 This special session targets the following topics, which include but are not limited to:

  •  Theory
  • Algorithms
  •  Formal methods
  • Data structure
  •  Complexity
  • Fuzzy theory
  • Logic
  • Process algebra
  • Other
  • Applications
  • Software development environment
  •  CAI application
  •  CG
  • Experimental support systems
  •  Web applications
  •  Human centered designs
  •  Other

Special Session Organizers

Tadaaki Kirishima, Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts, Toyo University, Japan, Email: 

Takaaki Goto, Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts,Toyo University, Japan,    

List of Reviewers

Koichi Anada, Waseda University (Japan)

Takaaki Goto, Toyo University (Japan)

Tadaaki Kirishima, Toyo University (Japan)

Kensei Tsuchida, Toyo University (Japan)

Toshihiro Yoshizumi, Toyo University (Japan)

Yasunori Shiono, Yokohama National University (Japan)


Special Session 2: Computer system to support human life using image processing and analysis 

 Topic Description 

 In this session, new ideas and research results on computer systems to support human life as applied computing using information technology will be widely invited. Using image processing, image analysis, feature quantity extraction, and machine learning, a remote communication system that allows many people to communicate, an autonomous robot that supports human life, and a system that supports information processing education for young people Ideas and research results related to are welcomed especially, and the other themes are also welcomed. 

 Special Session Organizer 

 Seiichi Serikawa, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan, 

 List of Reviewers

 Yuhki Kitazono, National Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu College, Japan 

 Shota Nakashima, Yamaguchi University, Japan 

 Hideaki Orii, Fukuoka University, Japan 

 Lifeng Zhang, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan 

 Akira Yamawaki, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan