ACIT 2020 Final Paper Submission

Please follow the instructions below to prepare your final paper.


1. ACM (ICPS) Instructions: For ICPS each Regular Session paper can be up to 6 pages in

length. Up to 2 additional pages (for a total of 8) pages can be purchased. Poster papers

can be up to 2 pages in length. The physical size of the poster presented at the

conference can be either A1 or A0.


2. Here you can find an ICPS formatting template:


3. ACM uses an automated rights management form collection system for ACM published

proceedings. As rights management emails are sent from an automated system, there is

a chance that emails sent will wind up in SPAM folders. Please make sure that your set

email SPAM settings to allow emails from “”.


4. Accepted authors will be sent the ACM form and complete instructions. A weekly

reminder will be sent to authors with outstanding forms. Reminders will be sent every

week until four weeks before the conference/workshop. After completing the rights

management form, authors will be emailed a copy of the form and the correct rights

management text to add to their paper.


5. After you receive the rights management text from ACM to add to your paper, please

send a PDF of your paper and source files to